Precious Scrubs

JPC's delectable sugar scrubs possess a one of a kind whipped to perfection texture and the aromas are absolutely to die fore. Our scrubs provide a soft and gentle exfoliating experience.  Our scrubs gently remove dead skin cells which will allow your skin to breathe and and also speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cell rejuvenation.  Our scrubs not only exfoliate, they also moisturize at the same time making our delectable scrubs ideal for our " ON THE GO" clientele.  JPC's delectable sugar scrubs are also complimentary to our wonderful whipped body frostings. A complete explosion of body pampering.   So treat yourself with our tantalizing,  delectable sugar scrubs, your body deserves it!

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, rub scrub in circular motion on wet skin. Rinse off excess sugar.