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DIY Pumpkin Beauty Recipes

Finally it’s Fall and pumpkins are EVERYWHERE!!!! Why limit yourself to pumpkin pies and spiced lattes when you can treat your skin to some deliciousness as well. Why pay for high end products and spa treatments when you can find a few ingredients at a fraction of the cost that will accomplish the same tasks.

Pumpkins are PACKED with:

AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid) – increases cell turnover which brightens and smooth’s skin

Vitamin A – softens, smooth’s and moisturizes

Zinc – acne fighter

C - fights damage caused by free radicals

E – improves skin tone, fights acne, helps with skin renewal

Enzymes – pumpkin is packed with enzymes that dissolve dry skin cells

So with all the benefits that pumpkin has to offer, how about you give some of these recipes a try!

Pucker Up Pumpkin Lip Scrub – try not to eat this off of your lips

1 Tb sugar

½ Tsp pureed pumpkin

¼ Tsp allspice

1/8 Tsp cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together and spread a small amount over lips. Let sit until almost dry; approx. 3 minutes. Rub in with your fingers to scrub dead skin with the sugar granules. Wipe clean with wet cloth. Yes of course you can lick this off but just remember you would be eating dead skin as well.

This next recipe is my absolute favorite. Because the yogurt, pumpkin, and oats all help to soften and diminish dry skin. So this is a triple whammy for those with flaky dry skin. This mask will leave your face feeling as soft and new as a baby bottom.

Baby Bottom Face Mask

2 Tb pureed pumpkin

2 Tb all natural unflavored yogurt

1 Tb ground oats

Apply the scrub to your face while damp and let it sit for a few minutes giving time for the yogurt and pumpkin to soften the dead skin cells. Rub scrub in a circular motion and rinse away. Your face will be as soft a babies’ bottom.

This next mask is as close to an ‘at home face lift’ as you’re going to get. I’ve already mentioned the benefits of pumpkins, but we are going to add an egg white to this mixture which will tighten the skin, reduce pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lift Me Up Facial

1 egg white

2 Tb of pureed pumpkin.

Whip this up and apply to a clean damp face. Let it dry and rinse with a warm damp cloth. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

So, before you toss out those pumpkins, be sure to save a bit for these easy to whip up facials.



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