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25 things I never told you

I just realized we are heading into a new year and I haven't properly introduced myself when I started this blog. My name is Jay and I own a skincare company called Jays Precious Cargo that utilizes natural ingredients that pamper and nourish the skin. I have been mixing up concoctions since I was a little girl. I am a certified product junky and grew tired and annoyed with a lot of the overpriced and or useless products on the market so I started creating my own. I noticed that there were products that had all fluff but no solution. Meaning it was pretty as could be and looked nice on the shelf but did absolutely nothing for my skin. I was so annoyed with that. People get so caught up on what products look like.... "Oh my gosh, look at this! It's pink & purple and bla bla bla." Not realizing that the oh so pretty product will probably give them a yeast infection if they actually sit and soak in it. Come on now; don't act like it has never happened to you. Moving right along ---> as I was saying I decided to create my own product line for those that value their precious skin and realize that you can't just throw any ole crappy product on it and expect nourishment. Those are probably some things you did know about me. So let's move on to some things I never told you and get better acquainted. 1. I'm a perfectionist

2. Lazy people irritate the stew out of me

3. Sympathy seekers are spotted a mile away and will get the exact opposite from me. I'm not talking about the people that genuinely need sympathy, but those that create situations with the hopes of getting sympathy..... (insert angry face)

4. I have a hard exterior but inside I'm a very mushy sentimental love bug. I will cry while watching movie in a second as if it is a real life situation with people in my life. (Don't judge me)

5. I absolutely hate repeating myself

6. My middle name is........ Changed my mind, can't do it. I don't know what my parents were thinking

7. I love reading books

8. I am a YouTube and Pinterest fanatic. They make me feel like I can do anything

9. I am one of the most loyal people you will ever meet

10. I was actually born in MN but raised and mostly resided in Cali

11. I'm running around in chaos if I'm not organized

12. I'm a shoe and makeup fanatic

13. I will try almost anything once. But as I get older that window of ANYTHING gets narrower

14. I love Christmas, I love Jesus and I also love giving

15. Favorite shows are Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Arrow, and Revenge

16. Favorite movies: Anything starring Tony Stark as well as all Transformer movies. Oh, and can't forget Pretty Woman & How to lose a guy in 10 days!

17. Waking me up is like waking a bear out of hibernation. DONT DO IT! I need my rest

18. I hate losing. Call me Ms. Competitive

19. Nosey people annoy me. Quickest way to get on my nerves is to ask me a lot of questions

20. Ummmm ok so this probably the silliest one but hey...I was young. When I was a little girl I had no idea that soap operas were people just acting. I thought somehow the movie network recorded random people living their normal everyday life. This affected the way I spoke to people, even how I showered and used the restroom all prissy like. I always searched for that microscopic camera in my house. Needless to say, I never saw myself on television. BUMMER!

21. I'm jealous of ALL dancers. I wish I could dance. If I had the coordination to dance I would never sit down. Literally, folks might think something is wrong with me because I would dance circles around them. In the grocery store, in meetings, in the gym... Yeah, IT WOULD GO DOWN!

22. If you read most of this list, you will gather that I am not the most patient person, but I’m working on that

23. I absolutely loooooove burgers

24. If my house isn't clean, I go into crazy person, psycho person, and Lord help them all person 'mode'

25. You might not know that I missed my calling of being a comedian/actor so this blog allows me to share some my funnies with you. So this blog isn't just about skincare, beauty and education. Those are just the perks!

So, now I have virtually introduced myself. Welcome to Jays Precious Cargo and welcome to the blog!! We are going to have a lot of laughs and a little education!!


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