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'Keep Calm' It's the Holidays!

This year has flown by! I love this time of year because I absolutely love gifting/giving. There was a time when I would get overwhelmed around this time of year because for me it was and still is a time of reflection. It’s when I do a self-assessment and ask myself questions like “Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself last year? What are your reasonable goals for next year? What do you want to do better, different? What are some of the areas for potential for growth?” Once I ask myself these questions, I am flooded with ideas, and in my mind that flood normally causes total chaos. I simply can’t focus. Things seem hectic around me because my mind is having its own mental chaotic meltdown. While I’m smiling and moving about, my mind is conducting a thousand conversations about goals for next year, what to finish out this year, yada yada yada. ‘Don’t forget to do this…don’t forget to write that down…oh this would be a great habit to start…have I eaten today…did I take my vitamins… oh crap, I forgot so and so’s gift.’ The conversation goes on and on. So if you are anything like me, this list will help you to keep calm during the holidays and survive it like a BOSS!

Write it down – I feel less overwhelmed when I write things down. It makes me feel like I don’t have to keep reminding myself and shuffling it in my mental rolodex. Write it down and get it off of your brain!

Get organized – Well of course life is chaotic when there is mess all around. My kids will tell you, I could be happy as ever, laughing, cracking jokes… walk in the house and it’s a mess… I TOTALLY GO INTO ‘I WILL KILL EVERYBODY MODE IF MY HOUSE ISN’T CLEAN IN 10 MINUTES’ I cannot concentrate with a bunch of mess going on around me. How can I possibly be stress free if the only thing I’m thinking about is the dust under that chair, or the bubble gum wrapper that someone threw on the floor because they obviously mistook the floor for the trash can…sigh. Anyways, organize your home, plan things out. Ok so you got gifts laying everywhere, well wrap them up and toss ‘em under the tree. Or for a quicker method put them in gift bags. Gift bags simplify my life tremendously!

Utilize that darn smart phone – These smart phones are almost smarter than some of the users. If you only use your smart phone to make and receive calls, then you might as well go back to the Razor flip phone. On the Iphone, all you have to do is tell Siri to make an appointment, or reminder and BOOM, it’s on your phone. You no longer have to stress about remembering things. You can talk out your grocery list, Christmas list, or heck you can even open Word on your iPhone and type out your goals for 2016 so that you have them readily accessible. Granted, Siri might be a hit or miss because she will misunderstand something in a heartbeat, so speak slow and clear!!

Hit the panic switch before it’s too late – Everyone has a panic switch. Don’t wait until you are moments away from choking someone out. Hit that switch! Ok so what’s the panic switch? One of mine is a Long Island Iced Tea! Really long!! And when my 2 year old is in ‘angel mode’ she too is my panic switch. Everyone has that one thing/person/activity that can calm them down instantly. So, for your sanity and probably the safety of others HIT THAT SWITCH!!

I hope you all have a wonderful, stress free holiday!

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